Home Insurance – Tips for Hurricane Victims

For people who live in areas that are prone to hurricanes, inclusion of coverage for hurricanes or flood is not optional. We all know the extent of damage that hurricanes can cause, that is assuming there is no loss of lives. Here are a few tips on things you should do if you find yourself a victim of hurricane.1. Call your home insurance agent and report the incident. Have a proper record of both structural damage and every other kind of damage on the property.2. If you have to make arrangements for temporary living quarters, make sure you keep receipts. Document all your expenses during that period. For example, storage, furniture rentals and food. Your insurance company should make some money available for you to foot the bills.3. Make sure you fill out the ‘proof of loss’ forms correctly. Keep the original copies of all the forms you send out. Send completed forms back to your insurance company as soon as possible. Do not procrastinate. The sooner you send it in the faster your claim would be processed.4. Your insurance company should get an adjuster to appraise the extent of damage. But if you can not wait for them to do so, you can get a private adjuster for a fee. Do not neglect any part of your property. Ensure that the adjuster does a thorough inspection of the site and if you are not satisfied, please go ahead and get a second opinion.5. Secure your home with temporary repairs. Do not go into extensive repairs. Just make the home safe and habitable. Your insurance company should reimburse you for the repairs. Remember do not do any extensive repairs until an adjuster has appraised the extent of damage and the value of things that were damaged.One final word! Do not wait until there is a disaster before you begin to look for an insurer. Visit as many home insurance sites as you can. A minimum of six is a good start. Request quotes from them all. Quotes are non-obligatory. You are not obliged to buy any policy unless you are full convinced that it is what you want. In requesting for quotes, always give the right information about yourself.Comparison shopping is a great way to get wonderful deals. Make out time to shop extensively!

Auto Insurance Tips – Advice For Finding the Best Deal on Auto Insurance

Q: I have never had to buy car insurance, as my husband always took care of that. He just passed away and now I need to find a good, honest, company. Can you help me find auto insurance in Olathe, KS? Thank you very much for your assistance.A: We’re sorry about the circumstance that brought you to us, but will do our best to help you find auto insurance. Here are the steps to follow that will ensure you find a good insurance policy.1. Decide on what type of coverage you need. If you own your home or have other significant assets then you should buy more than the recommended minimum coverage.2. Shop around for a deal. Call or visit several companies and ask for a quote. Be clear you do not want an estimate you want the actual price.3. Compare the policies, but don’t just buy the cheapest one there is. Buy the one the offers the most coverage for what you want to pay per month.4. Find out what your deductible will be. If you can afford a one thousand dollar deductible then your premiums will be lower.5. If there is anything you do not understand ask the agent to explain it, in writing, before buying the policy.Follow the steps outlined above and you’ll be sure to find the best deal on auto insurance! Remember, it’s vital that you take the time to compare car insurance quotes from several different providers as it ensures you will receive the best coverage at the lowest cost.